Pay day loan fraud

The biggest case of fraud comes with the idea of pay day loans and the way they are structured to begin with. This is a very unpopular thing to say if you work in the lending industry, but pay day loans are designed to take as much money from the customer as they can, while […]

Business loan customer fraud

One of the ways that lenders often commit fraud is against many business loan customers. If a customer has taken a business loan, one of the popular ways that lenders like to commit fraud against them is to target companies that have either a high inventory amount, or a high property asset inventory. The easiest […]

Interest rate fraud

One of the biggest cases of fraud that I had to fight against with a small pay day loan lender was the obvious fraud of interest rates that were offered versus what was signed against. The problem with a lot of these companies is that they offer weird clauses within the fine print that increases […]

Late repayment fraud

1800 Lender Fraud is the go-to company to help talk you through any legal disputes or possible fraud that you may be experiencing with a loan lender currently. There are so many lenders and companies that are currently operating with a level of fraud that most customers are not aware that they are being scammed […]